120% UP TO โ‚ฌ100 + 30 FS

GET 120% ON DEPOSIT UP TO โ‚ฌ100 AND 30 FS

Join our official Telegram channel, and get a 120% bonus up to โ‚ฌ100 and a pack of 30 free spins. Be the first to know about all hot updates and get good use of the unique bonus offers available only to our Telegram subscribers.


  1. Join the Parimatch Telegram channel and find a bonus code in the first pinned message.
  2. Enter the promo code and deposit โ‚ฌ30 or more.
  3. Get your bonus money and activate free spins in the Promo section of your profile.
Join our Telegram
  1. 120% bonus and 30 free spins are available only to players who joined the official Parimatch Telegram channel.
  2. To claim this bonus offer, a player must enter the bonus code (can be found in the pinned messages of our telegram channel) and deposit at least: 30 EUR, 30 USD, 30 CAD, 30 AUD, 30 NZD, 300 NOK, 166 BRL, 0,0019 BTC, 0.3 BCH, 0.025 ETH, 0.53 LTC, 360 DOG, 30 USDT.
  3. Maximum bonus amount: 100 EUR, 100 USD, 100 CAD, 100 AUD, 100 NZD, 1000 NOK, 560 BRL, 0,0062 BTC, 1 BCH, 0.09 ETH, 1 LTC, 1300 DOG, 100 USDT.
  4. 120% bonus wagering: 40x. Wagering duration: 5 days.
  5. 120% bonus is available 5 days from the time of deposit.
  6. The 30 free spins must be activated in the player's personal account within 1 day.
  7. The 30 free spins are issued within 24 hours from the time of deposit.
  8. 30 free spins are issued in the Domnitorโ€™s Treasure slot from BGaming.
  9. Maximum winnings from free spins: 50 EUR, 50 USD, 50 CAD, 50 AUD, 50 NZD, 250 BRL, 0.0025 BTC, 0.2 BCH, 0.03 ETH, 0.5 LTC, 230 DOG, 75 USDT, 500 NOK.
  10. Free spins wagering: 30x. Wagering duration: 5 days.
  11. The General Bonus Policy applies.
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