Personality Quiz: What Type of Casino Player are You?

Are you a reckless High Roller, Live Casino Haunter, or Long-Distance Runner when it comes to playing casino games? Find out by taking this awesome


INSTRUCTIONS: Choose the most suitable answers to the questions below and memorise or jot them down.

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

HINT: If you struggle to choose the right answer, use this rhyme:

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
Catch a dealer by the toe,
If he squeals, let him go
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe!


  1. If you saw a dinosaur running across the lobby, you would:

    1. Keep spinning reels with max bets because there’s no time for low limits.
    2. Scream: “I bet he won’t find any suitable roulette table!”
    3. Run all around the room, placing minimum bets in all kinds of games.

  2. What’s your favourite kind of movie?

    1. Casino Royale because, like Bond, I’m the king of high-stake games!
    2. The Hangover. Don’t ask why ;)
    3. Movies? No time for it! I need to trigger another bonus round in this lovely slot!

  3. When you win, you celebrate by:

    1. Ordering champagne for everyone!
    2. Chatting with a dealer and joking around.
    3. Buying an ice cream.

  4. Complete the proverb: “If you look at the river long enough, you will...”

    1. Miss the big money game! So, let’s get up and take a chance playing pokies!
    2. See that the river is quite good, and it’s time to go all-in!
    3. Realise that you should have used those free spins yesterday.

  5. What would your perfect day look like?

    1. Taking a plane to Vegas, staying at a 5-star hotel, and playing BlackJack.
    2. Sleeping till the afternoon, opening your laptop and playing Live Hold’Em.
    3. No quizzes and lots of cheap slots would be perfect ;)

Get Your Results

Now that you’ve answered all our tricky questions, it’s time to see what kind of casino personality you have. Check all your answers one more time, and whichever ones you choose more often will tell your type of personality.

Lots of A-s

Congrats, you’re a High Roller! High stakes are in your blood. The thrill of big games enthrals you so much that you can hardly imagine your daily life without a round or two of playing high-paying casino games. That’s why a perfect choice for you would be Jackpot Games. May your winning streak never end!

More into B-s

Yay! You’re a Live Casino Haunter! You prefer staying at home and playing games with real dealers online. Even if you don’t and you chose Bs just for fun, you still should check out our unbelievable Live and Table Games! Say hello to our dealers ;)

C sounds good to me

Wow, you’re a Long-distance Runner! You must love playing games with min bets on a low budget and making lots of winning rounds. And since this tactic works like a charm in different slots, here’s a whole page filled with Popular Pokies. Enjoy your game!

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