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Special Bonus For Installing Our New App

Great news! We've rolled out an amazing App for all of our players. The Parimatch app is fast, convenient, and secure. It will bring your gaming experience onto a new level.

Already a Parimatch player? Then grab your free spins! A special bonus for installing the Parimatch app is available to anyone who has made at least one deposit at our casino.


  1. Install our APP by clicking the button below.*
  2. Open the APP, go to your profile's Promo section, and activate the promo code:
  3. Receive your bonus.

Install App

*If you donโ€™t see any โ€œInstallโ€ button on this page, go to the kebab menu of your browser (three dots) and click โ€œInstallโ€. When using an iOS device, click โ€œShare - Home Screenโ€.

  1. 5 free spins are available only with the bonus code APP, entered from the application. If a player hasnโ€™t entered the bonus code within the application they will not be eligible to receive the bonus offer.
  2. 5 free spins are available only to the players who have made at least one deposit in any currency at
  3. 5 free spins are available only one time per player.
  4. Free spins must be activated in the player's personal account within 1 day.
  5. 5 free spins will be issued in the Book of Cats from BGaming.
  6. Maximum winnings from free spins: 100 AUD, 100 NZD, 100 CAD, 100 USD, 100 EUR, 7,400 RUB, 0.14 ETH, 1.15 LTC, 4,150 DOG, 250 USDT, 0.005 BTC, 0.33 BCH, 530 BRL.
  7. Wagering: 30x.
  8. Players from Sweden and Poland are not eligible to receive this bonus offer.
  9. The General Bonus Policy applies.
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